We design experiences. across the globe.


Why we do, what we do?

Human is the most important, therefore we
place him at the top of our priorities. We design his experiences, the space is only a tool.


Organizations vary. We know it. Hence every design is preceded by a thorough analysis inside the company. Before we start the proper design,
we do a research, we talk, check, learn and draw conclusions. Designing the interior itself is a response to the goals set in the earlier stage.
The task of the project is to create ideal conditions for the employee in his everyday environment. Our work to a vast extent concerns the psychological
interaction of a person and the space.



Good design equals benefits.

A well-designed office is a place that awakens and stimulates creativity, inspires to action, invites you to exchange ideas openly.
It is a space where people desire to be. Such places support efficiency and improve the effectiveness of the team, which translate into company's results.
Our projects actually change organizations. We can work with various budgets, from those very limited to multi-million.

Limitations inspire and release creativity.




Many years of experience allows us to offer extensive services to Clients, using such competences as:
space planning, interior design, product and furniture design, acoustic analysis, information design, brand consultancy,
brand development, UX design and experience design.